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M43Hero wrote:

It's not a photography website per-se, but is a community for Travelers with lots of photography and video content.

This could be the perfect place to document your travel experiences and share them with family and friends, and it's free!! There is already a sizable community and lots of content with many contributors posting their travel experiences, including lots of landscape, portraiture, architectural, and street photography.

Disclaimer: I am personally involved in the development of Hero Traveler. This is not a paid advertisement or anything of the sort.

I'm posting this as someone who loves photography, in particular travel photography, as I believe Hero Traveler could be of interest to many of you on these forums who also enjoy it.

Great but many UK citizens aren't allowed to travel.

Our Government won't allow us despite they're going for herd immunity called Freedom Day which possibly could see 50,000 deaths in the next few months.

I can't travel to Chicago in October despite being double jab and the UK Government will most likely cancel my skiing holiday next year as well. I hate to think the next time when I'll go back to Africa. I possibly need to use human traffickers for a holiday.

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