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Doug Greenberg wrote:

I have no experience with this bag, and though I did order one, I am perfectly prepared to hate it if it turns out to be awful. I am wondering if the people dead-set that this bag is "too heavy" base this on actually using the bag, or not?

For many it’s probably based on other similar bags in the same weight category.

It weighs 4.4 pounds. My Gura Gear Kiboko 22L pack weighs 3.7 pounds and I consider it quite light. Does that extra .7 pounds crack through some kind of qualitative barrier? I envision carrying this pack with my Nikon Z7, the FTZ adapter, and the Nikon 500mm f5.6 PF lens. The camera gear weighs 5.3 pounds, that makes a total of 9.7 pounds, and let's add a bit more for that extra battery and then a bit for the jacket shell or raincoat and my water bottle. Thirteen pounds, maybe? And I'll carry one smaller extra lens. 14 pounds!

The weight of the bag can depend on the overall design, especially how well the bag carry a load and lead the weight to your hips. I tried bags that where lightweight that simply didn’t carried weight well and therefore felt heavier then a heavier bag that did carry it well. Other lightweight bags that dos carry well can over a certain limit start to feel worse then a heavier bag. So it really depends.

However such design can never truly carry it well so a heavy bag is always a downside compared to something similar weighing less.

I am no Macho Monster and am probably older than most people who post here, but I consider hiking with fourteen pounds on my back not particularly taxing, and I wonder how much lighter the bag would need to be to satisfy people who think it's too heavy but who still would want to carry all of the gear I allude to above. Would one pound lighter make all that much difference?

For such type of bags it should not exceed the 1kg mark by much… 2kg bags is simply not very comfortable to use if these dos not have great carrying capabilities.. This bag weighs as much as an expedition bag. But the latter that extra kg isn’t noticeable because these are designed to haul massive amount of gear and weight over long distances in rough conditions, that’s why these are typically rigid bulky heavy beasts. There simply isn’t a rational argument for this to be equally heavy, in fact there are no good arguments for camera bags to be as heavy as a expeditions packs.

But no, I am not going to be hiking twelve miles up and down a mountain, I will likely walk a few miles on fairly forgiving terrain. For me, the key would be how well the sling characteristics work, i.e., how easy is it to manipulate the bag to get gear in and out, etc. It that feature works well I will forgive its not being ideal in other ways. We shall see.

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