results still hold up to current cameras under certain conditions IMO

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I do a lot of bird photography, as other members here can attest. I am looking for better gear than I currently have for that purpose. I am torn between acquiring a Z50 kit featuring FTZ adapter and 50-250mm lens, or splurging on a D7500 or D500 to use with my Sigma 100-400. I am also eyeing used Z6 and Z7 bodies that are currently available, although I prefer crop-sensor cameras.

Last weekend, I was trying to shoot BIF with my V2 + FT1 + Sigma 100-400 combo, and the results mostly sucked. Shooting perched birds with this set up is okay. BIF? Forget it. A CX 70-300 would be a nice lens to have, I suppose - but I am somewhat reluctant to buy more Nikon 1 gear at this stage. (3 bodies, 5 lenses (3 that fully work atm).) That said, I caved in and bought the V2 + 18.5mm lens after saying something similar, so who knows?

I use D7500 for BIF. I use D7500 99% of the time.

Good to know. I got to spend two hours with a D7500 at a local bird sanctuary. The D7500 and my Sigma 100-400 made very good combo. I am contemplating the D500 because any issues regarding performance should be negated. Any problems with focusing will lay squarely on my shoulders, not on the camera.

the problem with cx 70-300 is the electrical ribbon inside breaks and lens has to be repaired. not a rugged system

The fragility of the Nikon 1 lenses is so uncharacteristic of Nikon lenses in general. But the introduction of these lenses came at a time when ongoing issues with other Nikon products occurred. (D800 focusing. D600 oil splatter. Multiple D750 service advisories.) One hopes that the Z-mount lenses do not suffer the same fate as the Nikon 1 lenses.

D500 is nikon best cropped sensor action stills camera. I'm thinking about getting one.

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