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Doug Greenberg wrote:

SDreamer wrote:

I saw this too and thought it was cool. But when I thought about the weight I thought that wouldn't work, especially since all of whatever weight is on one shoulder. Then I thought, what photography style would benefit from this? The delay you get from changing lenses is already enough I think to miss the moment.

I often go out hiking with my binoculars, and also a camera and telephoto (say, a Nikon Z7 and 500mm PF lens) but I don't always want the camera rig "out" and exposed and possibly flopping around. If I see a bird or animal I want to photograph, I then get out the camera rig, which involves taking the pack off, etc. With the Top Shelf system, I could get access to the camera/lens very quickly. That's what it's good for. I also would want a bit of room for a rain jacket or second lens, or lunch. The size of this bag seems about right for all of this, though I can't comment on the weight, the precise ergonomics, etc.

This sling is very heavy for a 22L pack.

And such a design is simply horrible for hiking, unless by "hiking" one means very short jaunts.

We all know there is no perfect camera bag. If a bag is good for some functions or features, it lacks in others. That's why some of us end up with so many camera bags.

True, but one can do FAR better in terms of the comfort/accessibility/protection/price ratio.

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