M4/3 for birding

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Some shots for you

All taken with GX8 and GX9, with either PL 100-400mm or PL 50-200 with TC.
(Note: If you are strictly doing birding, I would get the 100-400, as it's faster at full tele than the 50-200mm with TC, and if you use the 2.0 TC, there is more CA and artifacts than if you use just the 100-400mm).

The 100-300mm is an ok lens, but not nearly up to the quality of the 100-400mm or the 50-200mm with TC. Where it falls down is in detail and CA at the long end, which, unfortunately, is where you will be shooting birds. (I've had both the old version and the MkII, and, while I like the lens a lot, and think it's a very good value for what you get, it's just not up to the quality level of the PL lenses for the kind of work you are planning to do).


The first 5 shots were taken with the 100-400mm lens. The last four were taken with the 50-200mm with the 2xTC .

First shot is with GX9 with 100-400mm

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