Writing about old gear can be therapeutic

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Yup, 100%

Couldn't agree more.

It triggers so many nostalgic memories that it can bring you to tears, literally, not kidding.

Not because of gear itself, but because you dive deep into your past and that can move you to a very sentimental place.

Here's my own little story:

I have a YT channel (in the signature).

When I was deciding what content for the next video, I decided to bring up an old shoot for a bikini brand I shot in 2011.

The shoot itself is not interesting, it has no specific features to talk about.

So I decided to write the screenplay on how things were back then vs how they're now, in my life as a whole, since the shoot alone would make a boring video.

It's so emotional that I literally cried while editing the video.

Really, really powerful stuff.

You can clearly see that my tone changes towards the end of the video, that so many emotions were brought back in full force.

Lots and lots of nerdy talk about the D700 itself too, and how it was the bravest companion in those 10 years.

It'll be releasing this video tomorrow (final touches right now), will post the link here when it's online.

Not because it's my channel, no, far from it, but I'm confident it will be one of the most interesting D700 videos on YT today.

Not a cheap promotion, I fully believe so.

So I fully agree with you.

In any way, shape or form you can, try your own version of remembering how gear came along during your journey, both photographic or in life, and make that in any form of review.

It may be a million times more interesting than the usual tech talk we tend to talk here.

BTW, I'm not the OP, but if you wanna share your story, I'm sure this will be one of the most interesting threads we've had in a while.

Share with us, please do so.

Best regards,

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