16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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One feature I'd like to see improved upon is Live ND. Why not add a split capability, with the ability to specify the bottom and top end of the transition between 0EV and -1, -2 or -3EV. That would be cool and very useful.

It’s not really necessary. There’s plenty of signal so that there’s no loss in quality by adding a gradient filter in post.

It is also not possible since LiveND does not reduce exposure but shoots a series of images that are combined to simulate long exposure (e.g. movement blur).

So Live ND is just another name for Live Composite or Multi-exposure?

Multiple Exposure on other camera systems is different. I tried to replicate Live ND on my Canon and it didn’t work as well. I couldn’t handhold the camera when taking the shot and the multiple exposure images (on Average mode) rarely lined up. Also, I could only do a max of 9 exposures. Live ND 16 or 32 averages more exposures into one. Lastly, the result was a jpeg with my Canon. On the Olympus, the result is a RAW, which is nice for post (if you are shooting RAW).
The Live ND is more similar to stacking multiple images in Photoshop and blending/averaging them all together. For which, you would definitely need a tripod to get a crisp image. The Live ND is pretty cool as it seems to do this computations “magic” in camera. Although, it still has its limitations.

I simulated LiveND on my Nikon DSLRs using multiple exposures (max 9 exposures, the output is raw). The camera had to be on the tripod, and there was a considerable gap between shots, of course. It is not as convenient as LiveND, but that technique has been used by Nikon shooters regularly.

Stacking in Photoshop (or better with OctaveRawTools) does align images. It is more cumbersome (and very slow with PS) but can work better with handheld shots.

I rarely use LiveND handheld as the fastest total shutter speed with ND16 is 1/4 sec. I wish Olympus could auto-align the individual shots in-camera. It would also be nice to use faster shutter speeds to reduce noise in shadows.

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