16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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One feature I'd like to see improved upon is Live ND. Why not add a split capability, with the ability to specify the bottom and top end of the transition between 0EV and -1, -2 or -3EV. That would be cool and very useful.

It’s not really necessary. There’s plenty of signal so that there’s no loss in quality by adding a gradient filter in post.

It is also not possible since LiveND does not reduce exposure but shoots a series of images that are combined to simulate long exposure (e.g. movement blur).

So Live ND is just another name for Live Composite or Multi-exposure?

Multiple Exposure on other camera systems is different. I tried to replicate Live ND on my Canon and it didn’t work as well. I couldn’t handhold the camera when taking the shot and the multiple exposure images (on Average mode) rarely lined up. Also, I could only do a max of 9 exposures. Live ND 16 or 32 averages more exposures into one. Lastly, the result was a jpeg with my Canon. On the Olympus, the result is a RAW, which is nice for post (if you are shooting RAW). 
The Live ND is more similar to stacking multiple images in Photoshop and blending/averaging them all together. For which, you would definitely need a tripod to get a crisp image. The Live ND is pretty cool as it seems to do this computations “magic” in camera. Although, it still has its limitations.

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