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color blue evolved only recently

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Are you SURE the sky is blue?


"As far as wavelengths go, Earth's sky really is a bluish violet. But because of our eyes we see it as pale blue."


That article implies that colour is some kind actual physical thing determined by wavelength. But it isn't, colour is an invention of our brains. The detection of different wavelengths is important in the brain's creation of colour, but the relationship is very different from colour being wavelength. There is no "Earth's sky is really bluish violet" because there is no "really". The only colour the sky can be is the colour invented by our brains. As far as colour is concerned, the eyes (brains) have it.

Actually, linguistically, "blue" seems to be a relatively recent "invention". There is a theory how colour names evolved, and "blue" didn't exist in European languages in ancient times. It is quite amazing that water (lakes and the sea) and the sky were the labelled as "green" or even "red", but not "blue"!

For example, in ancient Greek there was in fact no distinction between "green" and "blue" this was considered as one and the same colour! (but in modern Greek there is of course a distinction.).

Even in modern languages today not all of them separate "green" and "blue" - here is map showing where in the world and in which language have the concept of "green" vs. "blue" (and some other combinations):


As you can see there are 68 languages today that do not distinguish between "green" and "blue", and further 15 for which "black/green/blue" is the same colour!

Some more info:



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