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Re: walk around: DX ?

Bernard Delley wrote:

I agree with a previous poster, image content and composition make or break a great picture.

I see in your previous gear, that you owned a D7200. Hope you still have it. With its 24 Mpix and newer sensor technology it often can deliver higher IQ than your 12 Mpix FX camera D700. Together with the AF-S 16-80mm f/2.8-4 lens (24-120mm FX equiv) it is one of my current favorite walk around combos. I did not come across issues with AF. 16mm f/2.8 DX is optically equivalent to 24mm f/4. The D7200 will collect more image electrons in the image field because of its improved quantum efficiency.

I also often use the D500 with the 16-80 as walk around. I am very happy with its IQ too. It is closer in camera feel to the D700, but lacks the tiny and sometimes useful built in flash. The top notch AF and the burst capacity of the D500 is not usually of significant advantage in walk around photography, my subjects were not that challenging. The shutter sound of the D500 feels more smooth to me than the D7200, and both are clearly more quiet than the D700.

As always one's thoughts go to the gear one has, and I guess I am pretty well kitted out if a bit dated, in these days of mirrorless FX cameras.

Today I have some Nikon DSLRs (D600, D3300, D7500), and compared to my earlier Pentax DSLRs they are a bit simpler in function, less pro-style (except the K-x) .

The Pentax cameras were also far quieter, except the K-x, a plastic beginner's camera, that is noisy as h*ll.

Alas, the Pentax AF unit's weak performance was the main reason I switched. Terrible. And AF-C was a cruel joke,

The D600, or the D7500, in quiet mode, is a delight (close the Pentax K5 in normal mode), and my Nikon ML cameras are next to soundless. The D3300 is just marginally louder, I hasten to add.

After having switched to Nikon (the MLs came first) I found these quiet shutters ideal for performance (and wildlife), and blessed with AF that really work in low light (none of my Pentax managed that, even though two of them were top of the range in those days)!

A fast lens is always a help, of course, even if I use f/7.1 most of the time (to get enough DOF).

The D7500 is to me one steap ahead of the D7200, although it has slightly fewer pixels. At ISO 32,000 it produces images with little visible noise when opened with DxO PhotoLab 4, here is an early example (one of the very first shots, ever, on the way back home from the camera shop):

Dimly lit garage, underground. My latest walkaround DX!

My Pentax K-x worked well in the right situations, but sadly a really mechanically noisy camera (the ferry was shot on the first day of ownership). Had my 45 ft bus as support (needed), and held my breath! The bright sky and high contrast aided focusing!
This camera was my first walkaround DX DSLR! No PP of any kind.

The old D600 is outstanding, to this day, when it comes to signal-to-noise ratio, as long as one keeps under ISO 500, which I try to do as often as possible. Even beats the D850 under ISO 430, according to professional testers!

Otherwise, it is as a simple FX DSLR Nikon ever made, soldered, and glued, together, thus not that cheap to repair as it could have been, according to LensRentals's Cicala.

Mine had some oil-on-sensor issues initially but got upgraded free of charge. Nothing else has happened, after years of use!

Available very cheaply now!

As you know, the D7500 is a simplified version of the D500, sharing sensor and processor, but with an older focusing module version.

I once planned to buy that 16-80 — must check it out again!

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