Recommendations for a small, but powerful flash for M6

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Re: Recommendations for a small, but powerful flash for M6

Curious: when you mean "manual" do you really mean manual?
Truly manual means setting the shutter speed to at or below the max sync speed, and then setting the camera aperture based on the power output of the flash. Next up is "thyristor" style auto flash where you select the aperture on the camera and enter that into the flash so the flash can determine the power output based on a sensor on the flash.
In most camera systems, auto/TTL mode mode lets you set the camera how you want (at sync shutter speed) and then the flash adjusts the power based on the light detected by the camera.

On Canon cameras, in Av mode the camera will keep the shutter open after the flash so that you get both a normal flash exposure and a longer exposure to fill in the background - great with a stationary subject and camera, but causing odd results if anything moves - the best option with Canon is to set the camera to manual exposure an leave the flash at ETTL so you get the correct flash exposure without a secondary image.

So, what do you do in your "manual" mode?

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