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Michael Piziak wrote:

I viewed this 2018 video, to get a perspective of how much smaller the Olympus cameras are than other cameras... The video actually compares the micro 4:3 to a full frame camera when it comes to image quality. I have neither, as I've only owned APS-C DSLR's.

While I am impressed by the size of the micro 4:3, I actually came away with a conclusion that, just perhaps, all the talk about image quality advantage of a FF camera, perhaps, just perhaps, may be a bit of "hype."

The video:


To jump straight to the image comparison, you can click to about 8:50 in the video.



In the UK it seems to me that to be taken seriously as a photographer in clubs or RPS      ( Royal Photographic Society  )you must use 35mm ot MF digital cameras ( plus big lenses, carbon fibre tripods with geared heads and expensive graduated filters ). I am aware of this having been on photo outings and attended meetings of clubs and the RPS and been slightly patronised and not considered one of the big boys when using M4/3

The above holds true even of photographers  who only show images on screen 1600 x 1200.

I have been surprised at RPS members having the above views when distictions gurus recommend using fairly small prints not much bigger than A4 in panels of prints when trying for an RPS Distibnction. But advertisers and influencers appear to have convinced many photographers that so called cropped sensor cameras are just not good enough even for amateur use. I can understand that professional need to use highest image quality and rugged cameras but for amateurs ?

An example of upselling is a friend of mine who has spent nearly £4,000 on a camera body and lenses to take pictures for Flickr with no intention to have any prints made. Madness !!!

Anyhow I can produce excellent prints up to at least A3+ using high quality lenses on M4/3.

Rant over.

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