Nikon AF-P 70-300s - DX vs FX ?

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Re: Nikon AF-P 70-300s - DX vs FX ?

I have used both on a D500 ( and on various Nikon 1 V1's ) but not side by side since I sold the DX(VR) and got the FX version of the AF-P since I wanted to use it on my Z6 also.

I think both are very good optically but maybe the DX is a bit more prone to flare.

Apart from that - I shouldn't have sold the DX - it was dirt cheap ( £130 ) from Amazon when I got it and even though I sold it for a profit, prices are so high now. It is so light that it would be still handy to have around for travelling, especially on a V2 - even though you can't switch lens VR off on that body with the DX(VR) version.

There are plenty of more considered cross comparisons including Thom Hogan's.

[ btw, probably of no interest, but the FX doesn't like TC's on my Z6 - even with the utterly reliable Kenko pro 300, it just gave error messages. May have got it to work with a Tamron X14 TC1.4 but can't remember now ]

[ probably of even less interest, my previous 70-300 was the Tamron sp a030 which was optically excellent but not compatible with the Z/FTZ which is why I moved to the AF-P's ]

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