Olympus 9-18mm for Real Estate / Architecture???

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Re: Olympus 9-18mm for Real Estate / Architecture???

Off The Mark wrote:

skysurfer5 wrote:

The new Oly 8-25 f/4 might be a good choice for you, although it is quite a bit more expensive than the 9-18.

Yeah, looks like a great lens but way out of my budget.

I've priced out what I can get selling my Sony a6500 and Sony 10-18 privately (craigslist or fredmiranda) and I think I could get about $1,000 even.

The Oly 8-25 is $1,100 and since it is so new almost certainly would have to buy new and pay an additional $100 in tax. So $1,200.

And considering how I am trying to recoup SOME of the $700 I spent on the Olympus E-M1 MK II buy selling my sony gear, that would make it pretty tough.

Anyway, that was all a long way of saying that I am hoping to stick to something around $500 (or less) if possible.

I bought the 9-18mm as a budget solution for real estate photography. As some have already mentioned it's perfectly fine for most rooms except small bathrooms. It is however a very small lens. If you are doing professional work with your clients potentially watching I would go for a confidence inspiring large pro lens.

A bit of a surprise was how well suited the 9-18mm lens is for the holidays especially attached to a small and light body. The Oly 8-25 may be more versatile but weighs nearly 3 times as much.

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