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PLShutterbug wrote:

If you compare a ~35mm lens at f/4 on DX to a 50mm lens at f/4 on FX you will also notice the same depth of field.

That's not correct a 35mm f/4 APS-C is equivalent to 54mm f/6.1 lens on FF. From both lenses you get the same FOV, DOF, and SNR.

That's also not true unless you change the subject distance and CoC one vs the other. If you keep the subject distance the same and use the same CoC the DoF will differ in your example

Nope, the subject distance doesn't change for equivalent lenses. The only things that change are focal length, aperture, and ISO -- the first two scale proportionally to the crop factor and ISO proportionally to the area, i.e. square of the crop factor.
And COC is of course different for different formats, it's based on standard viewing distance and acuity, which means it scales with the image magnification, which in turn is proportional to the crop factor.

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