Speculation around Olympus' upcoming "wow" camera.

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Re: Speculation around Olympus' upcoming "wow" camera.

Funny Valentine wrote:

CedarTree33 wrote:

Sorry if this has already been asked, I wasn't able to find anything in the search.

I know it's just speculation, but do you believe the "wow" camera from Olympus/OMD will be in the form factor of the E-M1.3 or E-M1X?

I really hope it's not an em1-X. This camera was clearly unpopular because of the large size, and crippled the em1-3 not getting the bird AF.

I really hope it's an em1-4, with a new sensor, new AF with bird detection.

But the wisest decision would be releasing a full frame L mount Olympus camera. There are plenty of Panasonic and Sigma L mount lenses that could take advantage of Olympus PDAF. People are mostly buying FF these days, so better invest where the money is.

Yes, for some reason people are expecting a m43 camera. Doubt they would be silly enough to go FF, but maybe it's a small sensor super telephoto Bridge camera?

Some here said ideally a small EM5 but with a battery grip!  ...isn't that called an em1x ?

For young'uns, something which seemlesdly integrates with phone, tablet and social media maybe wisest?

... Or like Panasonic, maybe a simple Blogger camera ?

Mind you, all the above would have me in tears!

Personally I would love an em1-mk4, but other than a miracle sensor*, I can't really imagine how they can improve it.

... What I would love to be able to do (I am currently an em1-mk2 owner) , is to be able to change the order in which the shutter options display when scrolling through the Super Control Panel.

Example: I would like all the electronic shutter options grouped together, then the EFS options together and finally the Fully Mechanical shutter (which i never use) options grouped together. ....it would save a lot of unnecessary scrolling !

* miracle sensor with faster readout allowing faster flash with electronic shutter. .. And of course less problems regarding the problems with some strobbing indoor LED lights.

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