Need monitor advice

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Re: Need monitor advice

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

lightandaprayer wrote:

If you would tell us your budget, it would save folks a lot of time by not recommending displays that will be too expensive. . . If you already have something in mind or have dismissed certain models (and for what reason) that's more helpful info.

Oops, sorry! I’d like to stay under $5k. Honestly, if I could find something that’s get me through the next 3-5 years without getting really expensive, I’d be very happy.

Ironically, I was looking at this NEC display today: NEC PA311D-BK . It is a 31" 4k priced at $3089 MSRP. A SpectraView 2 calibration kit brings it up to $3339 . Since it's an NEC display, I can see you using it for 10 years. (I've had my NEC for 9 years so far.)

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