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Jeffry7 wrote:

Roger wrote:

Greetings Sigma Fans, Me being one A very big fan

So why did Sigma put out a camera with a Sony Bayer sensor? Why, why why?? Then they added insult to injury by putting a heavy AA filter on the SONY SENSOR so it softer than the Sony and has less features than the Sony for close to the same price???? Ya, go figure. Then the price, there's a lot of bayer sensor cameras out there to choose from for less. Are they trying to go out of business??? A Foveon 1.2 crop or 1.3 crop factor in a FP body with a EVF tilt screen and pop up flash would do just fine, it would be great, say for around $1200 USD or less.

By the time I buy a FP with a EVF I can buy a Panasonic, Fuji, Nikon Z or a Sony A7r for less without a AA filter.

Food for thought or why is my brain eating itself over this?? I can use an adapter for my SA mount lenses to the FP or the Sony.

Thank you

Have Fun

Roger J.

Hi Roger,

Hello Jeffry7

The Sigma fp was apparently the idea of the Sigma CEO who wanted a small camera he could easily carry with him.

I understand that, and it is his company

The fp is the smallest full frame camera in the world. There are also lenses from Sigma, the I series,

I've heard of them, but haven't looked into them yet, but I will.

that while not true pancake lenses, are nevertheless smaller then the art lenses.

I haven't heard anything about why they chose a Bayer sensor.

From what I understand it was easier to get it to work for what was needed. I'm still waiting for the FF Foveon or a crop 1.2 version. BUT WHY SONY??? Why not Canon, or Aptiva, or Samsung or Panasonic for their sensor anyone, but the evil wizard SONY!!! I hear Sony is coming out with a 3 layer sensor, where did that come from????

But the CEO is on record saying that a Foveon sensor would not fit in the fp body.

I understand that as well, there again it's his company.

This may be why they went with a Bayer sensor.


As for the AA filter, there was an interview somewhere that said the light AA filter was to improve overall performance.

The AA filter was on the FP-L not the FP, and from what was said, " It's a very very mild AA filter, and it helps with sharpness, it also gives the FP-L more of the Foveon look." Or so I was told.

As for the price I do not know.

Around $1100-$1300 USD with the EVF around $650 USD

For myself I know comparisons with other camera systems that are more reasonably priced never take into account the lenses I already have.

Very true, well said. I myself have 12 lenses in the SA mount and 2 in the L mount.  All the SA mount lenses work well with the adapter. I hear other companies have issues with there adapters.

I am using the adapter to mount my SA lenses on a Panasonic S1.

How is that working for you? How do you like the S1?? Does the S1 have an AA filter?

Thank you

Be safe but enjoy yourself.

Roger J.

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