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Re: M4/3 for birding

Ontarian wrote:

faunagraphy wrote:

Ontarian wrote:

By the way, a new E-M1is being offered at about $750 USD below list at a number of shops.

Hard to pass on that!

Thanks for the additional info.

By E-M1, do you mean the E-M1 Mark ii? The E-M1 Mark 1 is a nice camera and great value at around $250 used. However the Mark ii is significantly better, with better PDAF and features like ProCapture that are great for birds. The Mark ii is excellent value.

No, definitely the E-M1 Mark II.

That said, if you mostly shoot perched birds / water birds, you do not need a PDAF sensor like the one on the E-M1 series. E-M1s are great for serious bird-in-flight photography (I have many swallow photos to attest to that).

I like the multiple AF features on the more advanced M4/3 cameras, and they don't add much weight. Most small birds are pretty fidgety, so having fast focus and fast frame rates are a real bonus.

But if you want to wander around and shoot songbirds / waterfowl, you can do just as well with Panasonic cameras. There are many lighter options there that pair nicely with the Panasonic 100-400, such as the GX series and the G85/95.

I'll take at those, thanks.

Since you are recuperating from cancers, I assume you'll want to stay indoors during inclement weather, so you can go for the lighter bodies like the GX9, which lack weather-sealing.

Don't mind getting caught in a sudden shower or snow squall. Hey, I'm Canadian !

The reason I'm recommending Panasonic bodies is that you'll get the dual-IS advantage with the Panasonic 100-400, which will allow you to shoot at very slow shutter speeds.

That is important, especially in wooded areas or early / later in the day.

Beware, I don't some trust dual IS.

The PL100-400 and Panasonic GX8 dual is gave very soft images, bird feathers etc lost detail with it switched on!

I went to the em1-mk2 which allowed me to select just lens OIS, the results are greatly improved. I don't know if Panasonic solved their Dual IS problems when the G9 came out?

Olympus IBIS is great but it doesn't sync with the OIS on Panasonic lenses.

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