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Re: Info and design of Mamiya-Sekor 55 f/1.4

Albert Silver wrote:

Travis Butler wrote:

Albert Silver wrote:

Of the old legacy 55-58mm lenses I have acquired, it is the clear champion in performance so far. This is comparing it against a Mamiya Sekor 55 f/1.8, the Cosinon 55 f/1.4 (though the Cosinon has a smoother bokeh as a rule), the Super Takumar 55 f/1.8 (the worst of the lot), the Auto Chinon 55 f/1.7, and the Helios 44M-7 (the best of this Helios series) 58mm f/2.

From what I've seen of it so far, my copy is good but not stunning:

E-M1 II, Mamiya-Sekor 55/1.4

(...I'd hate to take that fire escape!)

Was this actually taken at f/1.4? For a shot such as this, I'd assume f/5.6, probably the sharpest for edge to edge landscape shots. Still, hard to know how it would behave on a micro 4/3. I have a Canon APS-C. Dreadful dynamic range, but will give me infinity. I'll try the Mamiya on it.

This was taken late afternoon on a dark, stormy day, through a tinted window; I wanted about as much light as I could get. I didn't note the exact aperture, but it wasn't much above f/1.4. (Unfortunately, the M42 adapter I had on it put the aperture scale on the underside of the lens when mounted.)

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