Olympus 9-18mm for Real Estate / Architecture???

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Re: Olympus 9-18mm for Real Estate / Architecture???

Off The Mark wrote:

Would the Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 make a good "budget" lens for real estate / architecture when used on my new (to me) Olympus E-M1 MK II???

I usually shoot real estate at a 16mm full frame-equivalent field of view (either on my Panasonic S1 cameras at 16mm, or on my aps-c Sony a6500 at around 10-ishmm focal length).

And to be honest, the aps-c size Sony a6500 10-18 has been mine bread-and-butter setup for real estate stills for the last few years.

I know the Oly 9-18mm focal length will be a bit narrower, but I think I can get away with it.

How is the distortion on the 9-18? If it is corrected automatically in lightroom, how much additionally does it crop in when corrected?

How is the vignetting? Is it corrected in lightroom well?

How good is this lens at 9MM between f/4 and f/5.6? (That's where I will be using it 98% of the time).

I know there are other "budget" options out there but they don't appeal a whole lot to me. The laowas seem to have a LOT of vignetting (which would be difficult to correct in video), and the panasonic 7-14mm doesn't allow for front filters and (if I understand correctly) is prone to ghosting / flare / chromatic aberrations on Olympus bodies.

P.S. Anything wider than 7mm is probably too wide for my needs and anything narrower than 9mm is probably too narrow for my needs, so a 10mm prime won't really work for me.

I found that my 9-18 had a very tolerable level of distortion and mostly corrected by software -- Olympus cameras.

It is a very sharp lens when stopped down, but pretty good wide open also.

I sold mine and bought the 12-45, but I definitely miss the little 9-18

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