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Re: just tried bypassing the debayering on pp

ivan bayu wrote:

and quite frankly, i haven't see any differences other than capability to pushing more, just like this one

alas, i might do more test...

What do you mean bypassing the debayering?

If the sensor has a color filter array, without debayering, the resulting image will be speckled with 3 shades of pixels all over. Let's suppose you looking at something in the picture that is a solid color - let's pick red for example. And within that space the red covered pixels will record one level, and the blue pixels another level and the green covered pixels yet another level. And when you look at the image real close, you will see this. In fact, RawTherapee will allow you to do this. Sure, the image hasn't been debayered. And also the image is not useable. Is this what you are describing?

Your image was debayered.  I looked closely and I don't see what it would be if it was not debayered.  Look closely at this crop of your image.

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