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Re: "tremendous value" you say

AstroVagabond wrote:

Son Of Waldo wrote:

AstroVagabond wrote:

mdmarqphoto wrote:

AstroVagabond wrote:

Instagram influencers add tremendous value to those that follow them and those that support them financially otherwise they would not exist.



about as absurd as the term 'Instagram influencer'. Young, overweight couch potatoes can then weigh in on the loss of their 'hero'.

Reality show antics from an inexperienced climber, desperate for attention = barely newsworthy. Other than the close friends and family that end up paying the price for this 'tremendous value'.

While you have a right to your views, I still support freedom of speech, it seem your actual personal use of, and experience with Instagram may be very limited.

Why, thank you so much a 'right to my views'. And BTW, I just couldn't crawl out of bed every day without a few dozen 'likes'.

Instagram is helping people feed their children, put their children through school, and providing an income allowing many to survive.

Maybe they can solve some of these problems by oh, I don't know, getting off their azzes and getting an actual job?  Or perhaps selfishly feeding their own addiction becomes more important than feeding the family?

Best thing about Instagram and other social media platforms is everyone is free to use them or ignore them.

Yes, let's now introduce The Dangers of Social Media apps/classes to elementary school students, mediated by Big Government, Apple, Google, Facebook and Instagram. What could possibly go wrong?

I see them as positive but realize I may be in the minority but I'm fine with that. Enjoyed the back and forth!

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