24-120 vs. 28-105D?

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Re: 24-120 vs. 28-105D?


Six of one, half-dozen of the other?

I've got the 24-120 f4 version, but not the 28-105. I do have both versions of the Nikon 24-70f2.8.

I didn't care much for the 24-120. I bought for travel use, in place of my 24-70g. Compared to the 24-70, I was disappointed in the image quality, specifically sharpness for landscapes. And I found the 70-120mm range wasn't particularly useful. (Still too short).

I'd just look at the shorter zooms, like the 24-85, which should be both lighter and slightly better IQ.

it would be lighter, but better IQ is probably entirely sample dependent. I have 24-85 for my Df because it is the largest lens IMO that still handles half way decently with Df, and while it is a sharp lens, it is not better than 24-120 in IQ. I actually prefer 24-120 on my D810, my copy isn’t soft at all.

The place where you might see the biggest difference between your 28-105d and something newer would be wide open performance. In general, older film-based lenses tend to be a lot softer wide open than the newer lenses put out in the past 15 years or so. (General rule based on my experience, but not necessarily the 28-105d).

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