16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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One feature I'd like to see improved upon is Live ND. Why not add a split capability, with the ability to specify the bottom and top end of the transition between 0EV and -1, -2 or -3EV. That would be cool and very useful.

It’s not really necessary. There’s plenty of signal so that there’s no loss in quality by adding a gradient filter in post.

It is also not possible since LiveND does not reduce exposure but shoots a series of images that are combined to simulate long exposure (e.g. movement blur).

So Live ND is just another name for Live Composite or Multi-exposure?

Live Composite is something different. Yes, similar to multiple exposures but more powerful than typically implemented: raw output, up to 32 images merged, and enabled/disabled via a button press.

Live ND is an amazing tool.  Nothing beats being able to walk around a waterfall or stream and quickly test what a shot looks like at multiple ND values.  If something looks really great, then I can take the time to use a real filter if I wish.  And you can still combine Live ND with a real ND or polarizer.  The only thing Live ND does not do well is nice leaf or bubble swirls.  Since it uses multiple images you get more of bunch of short lines instead of a continuous swirl.  Still you can actually tap a button while hand holding the camera to see if those swirls are going to be there.

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