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Orsonneke wrote:

Which camera would give the best B/W results :

1.A sensor without bayer filter : like the Leica monochrom with 50 Mp.

2.A Fujifilm GFX 100 type sensor with 100 Mp.

thanks for ideas?

I would tend to think the B/W results from the mono Leica are going to be better than the GFX 100 converted to B/W.

I have a Sony A6300 that I have converted to B/W.  Only 24M pixels, so I have to scale down my thinking.  It also only captures RAW in lossy compressed mode.

Comparing it to B/W created from my Sony A7iii, I find the B/W from the mono sensor to look better and have much richer looking grays.  Also, the converted B/W from the A7iii looks more harsh.

Recently received a DNG file from someone with a modified Sony A7ii to a mono sensor.  And this shot was done using the Uncompressed RAW format, and even though it was still 24M pixels, the fact that the RAW file was not lossy made a difference, and it was better than I could get from the A6300 lossy compressed RAW file.

Now, looking at the Leica with 50M pixels, I am guessing it is a non-lossy RAW.  And the detail from a mono sensor exceeds the detail from a same sized sensor due to no demosaicing.  So probably the apparent detail between these two might be close.  But the richness of the grays coming from a mono sensor should be better.  And this is why I'm picking the Leica to win.

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