Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

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Re: To summarize my experience...

J A C S wrote:

D Cox wrote:

FF: better IQ

Unless you want greater DoF, for instance for macro shots of insects.

You can't stop down on FF?

Yes, but (sort of) "not as far" as you can with micro four thirds.

Suppose you have a lens that goes to f/22. If you use it at f/22 on full frame then the effective f-number at 1:1 will be around f/45. That will give you a certain amount of depth of field, and that will be the most you can get with that setup.

Suppose you use the same lens at f/22 on micro four thirds to photograph the same scene. You would need to use 1:2. The effective f-number would be around f/32. This is equivalent to f/64 on full frame, so you would get greater depth of field than the most you could get with the full frame. (Since depth of field roughly doubles for each two stops decrease in aperture, and since f/64 is one stop smaller than f/45, you would get around 40% greater depth of field.)

Many people wouldn't want to use apertures that small because of the loss of detail from diffraction softening, so this difference would not be of practical significance. However, some people do use apertures that small and indeed smaller so it could make a difference. As it happens though with full frame you can (for example by using teleconverters) decrease the effective f-number beyond f/22 to the point where even large DOF/small aperture enthusiasts (like me) won't use them because of the unmanageable amount of diffraction softening. So I think the m43/FF smaller aperture/large depth of field issue is not of huge practical significance. Not for me at least.

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