Em10iv as an em5ii replacement?

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I'd probably ...

kangarooinoz wrote:

Hey all,

My em5ii is in need of an update. I realise most here will be biased towards m4/3 and of course the system has its benefits.

Basically I'm tossing up between the em10iv and a Canon m50 which is about a third cheaper here in Australia.

I do alot of landscapes and sunrises. I don't change lenses alot.

Loved the original em5 the version 2 while better on paper, I don't love as much. Heavier, top heavy with 12-40 attached.

Thinking an em10iv could be an answer to lose a bit of weight but upgrade the IQ a bit too. Either that or the aspc canon.



I'd probably take an EM10 IV over a M50. I own a lot of Canon gear (mostly RF now) but the M50 just doesn't impress me. I just got the EM10 IV and overall its a nice compact and generally capable camera with a few small irritations. It may be the best overall camera in m43 if one is seeking reasonable compactness combined with reasonable capabilities. The 12-40 on the EM10 IV will feel a bit front heavy (I have the combo) but nothing terrible.

Now if you were to place the Canon M6 II up against the EM10 IV that would be real fight. I'd say get the M6 II if you can find the lenses you want. The M lens line up is not as full as m43, but they do have some very nice lenses, especially since Sigma ported their APSC lineup over to the M mount. I still have the original M with the 22 f2. A real gem of a lens. I have no other M gear but keep that camera body just for that lens. They also have a 32 1.4 that's gets rave reviews and the 11-22 zoom is also very good from all reports. Sigma's 56 1.4 makes a nice portrait lens and you can adapt the EFS 55-250 IS STM for a superb telephoto zoom (I've used that on both APSC DSLRs as well as occasional use on my RP and the results are better than any m43 consumer zoom I've found). Really nothing like your 12-40 for the M system unfortunately (unless you adapt the EFS 17-55 2.8 which is superb but rather large) so a really good standard zoom is the missing part of the M system

IQ wise the M50 will be a small improvement over the 20MP m43 cameras available. I've owned 24MP Canon cameras that use the same sensor and the results from it are very good. Never had a M6 II, but all reviews report very good IQ and a step up from the 24MP sensor, especially at lower ISOs. If you make large prints of your landscape shots this could be meaningful.

Since you've already got the 12-40 (and possibly other m43 lenses?) the EM10 IV is the easiest path to follow and will be a nice setup.

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