16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

shinndigg wrote:

Sooo... What about the rest?


What About Noise? I agree that the arrival of sophisticated noise reduction programs, e.g., DxO DeepPrime, has reduced the issue of noise in a smaller sensor. I also agree that LiveND is a great way to eliminate long-exposure noise without requiring LENR. IMO, LiveND is one of the most important landscape-related features of an m43 camera, both for long exposure and reducing noise (frame-averaging)

The Depth of Field Argument. In some situations, you can use more exposure for a given DOF, compensating for the noise disadvantage of an m43 camera.

Why Photographers Are Buying These Cameras. Low weight and size (with the highest quality lenses) are still reasons why I leave my FF kit at home.

Live Composite, LiveTime, Live Bulb. Ashamed to say, I never tried them out, but they look like great features.

Live ND. You may still carry an ND filter with you when shooting with Live ND in strong light. It is not that much a secret how it works, AFAIK, as it can be done in the post or with multiple exposures. LiveND is much better than using an ND filter, except for the pauses between the internal shots. Phase One has also implemented something similar.

Pro Capture. I have not used it, sound very useful

High Resolution. IMO, it does not really match the resolution of some FF cameras, but it reduces noise and false colors as well.

In-Body Image Stabilization. IMO, it works better with the smaller sensor.

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