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RE >> I'm wondering if there is such a thing as an industrial photographer. Someone who takes industrial PR images. <<

I've been a multitasking, journalist pr man and business photographer since 1966.

Several points:

a/ In all that time, only about half a dozen photographers have pitched me in my role as a PR practitioner.

My point here is that PR people are good prospects, and photographers do not do a good job of pitching us.

b/ in my job as an editor or production manager of several trade or industrial magazines, many PR people gave me handout stories with pictures that were taken by construction workers, or by photographers hired by construction companies.

c/ magazine editors of then take their own pictures.

d/ the editor of a magazine for which I  was production manager knew I was a photographer, and he assigned his assistant editor and I to go to the Athasbaska Oil Sands (Fort McMurray) and several power plants in the Rocky mountains .

e/ when working as a PR consultant to the PR director for the company that makes polio vaccine, we decided to create a company-wide collection of pictures.

If you offered this same idea to dozens of pr directors, some might bite. Pick industrial-oriented companies, if this is what you want to shoot.

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