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Re: RX10 IV odd corner AF box

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It's a new camera.

Every so often an AF box lights up at either the bottom right or left corner and then the camera only focuses there.

If you have touch focus turned on, it's on by default, that's due to accidentally touching the LCD. I got so annoyed by it I disabled it in the menu.

Switching the camera off , without touching any other button , resets the camera to the AF Wide area and works fine there but at times it will go back to one of those bottom corner spots.

Any idea?

Sorry, I searched previous posts on this and found that possibly it was "nose activation" on the touch screen.

YES, that's it.

I have now switched that Toch Screen function off so I'll see what happens.

(my wife is using the camera...)

That should fix the problem.

Yep, had exactly the same thing, nose touching the screen. OFF also, can't really see the point of it any way.

I find it invaluable. You must take the time to set it up properly so that your nose does not activate the touch screen. Areas that are in contact with your face should be deactivated via the menu. Those areas are not going to be accessible by your thumb anyway. No loss. If you shoot with your left eye, it's probably not going to work for you. You can set the areas of the screen to not be active, but your thumb is blocked by your face. This feature is really only benefits right eyed shooters.

Once properly set up, it is a fast and accurate way to move the focus point any where you want it to be. I find it to be much faster and accurate than using the 4-way stick. After using the RX10 IV for awhile, I find myself trying to move the focus point on my Nikon Z7II the same way. Of course, it doesn't have the same feature.

If you're unable, or unwilling, to take the time to set it up properly, the touch screen focus point movement is a PITA. It just moves the focus point in inopportune times. Turn it off.

Great post Steve

I shook left eyed  My touch focus is off

that’s an old habit   My left eye used to be clearer than right  I should try right eyed as my eyes have aged with me

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