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Re: Tripod issue

Have you tried Ellis' suggestion?

Often times the hole for the mounting screw is just a tad short. This means that you can not tighten the plate on as well as it should be. The solution is to remove the mounting screw from the plate and add a washer to the screw right up against the head of the screw. Reinstall the screw in the plate and then put the plate back on the camera.

A second approach is to go to a good hardware store and buy some cork gasket material. Cut a price of this material to fit your plate and a hole for the mounting screw. Reinstall the plate on the camera with the cork sandwiched between them. This adds some extra grippy material ala' what John Crowe suggests. It also acts as the washer does in Ellis' suggestion.

My last suggestion... ditch the Manfrotto quick release system and switch to an Arca-Swiss compatible one. Then you can buy a custom mounting plate for your camera. This will have a lip built into the plate which preclude any rotation of the plate. Better yet, buy an L-plate and not have to worry at all about any of this.

I switched from the Manfrotto quick release system to Arca-Swiss about a decade ago after many decades with the Manfrotto system. This was one of the best gear-related decisions I have made.

It used to be that stuff for the Arca-Swiss system was much more expensive. This is not true these days.


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