Recently acquired SRT101 & XG-M

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Re: Recently acquired SRT101 & XG-M

MikeInOr wrote:

I think everyone has popped the door by mistake.

Well, not exactly this one.

But different versions of the same issue like: 1) wondering why a 12 poses film roll still hadn't come to its end at 15 poses - well better winding the film back - wow that was fast winding back, anyhow - and after the film came back from the lab, not a single shot, entirely clean: lesson learned, loading the film correctly and looking for the rewind wheel rotating when advancing the film   or 2) well 37 poses on a 36 poses film, great, sure I get also Nr. 38, just forcing the advance lever a bit, oops, sounds it came loose at its end in the film tank, bummer; lesson learned, don't overdo it 

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