a7rMk4/FE 200-600mm sharpness help

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Re: Remember diffraction

Joohan wrote:

That’s not my experience. I can see how the image softens and the clarity and crispness goes away after f8. Even in controlled studio environment. You should be afraid of it


possibly what you're seeing are changes in the look of the images as the DOF gets deeper, especially the many times desired subject isolation vs. background blur.

Since there's very little to nothing to gain in terms of sharpness other than a bit more DOF, I'm usually shooting the 200-600 at aperture full open - except, as said, when the subject demands more.

Diffraction itself certainly is a relevant issue on smaller sensor cams but even then it's sometimes at least a compromise to evalute, whether some drop in peak sharpness can be accepted to get the deeper DOF, for example in macro photography when focus stacking is not an option.

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