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Well that should make a lot of people around here really happy. For some reason there’s an awful lot of hate for APS-c.

I don't think people hate APS-C, and most people here are using the M.

What I hate is the M mount not being compatible with the good glass. R bodies not being as small as M bodies.

Now if Canon want to give up on ASP-C, I will have to spend money elsewhere.

Canon don't want you to spend your money elsewhere. Somehow I can't see them saying to Olympus,Panasonic,Fuji, Sony , "here you go guys,have our market share,you're welcome have a nice day "

If the latest rumors of a sub $800 RF body are true, Canon will be taking market share from those companies.

If .

I’m sure it will come,the question for me is, what corners have been cut to arrive at that price. Personally, I don’t need to be using a FF sensor to feel (or pose as) as a “real” photographer.

Well, I am a consumer that wants the most from his money. If there is a company that can sell me cheap a full frame camera, I am with it.

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