Lightroom clipping warning inconsistency (example)

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Re: Lightroom clipping warning inconsistency (example)

dronahill wrote:

Are LR clipping warnings set at different sensitivity thresholds across different devices? If so, what exactly are they showing?

As an example, here's a quick shot of a cyclist I took the other day. "Original" is the point at which, if I'm editing on Lightroom on my mobile phone, red clipping warnings begin to appear (mainly on the cyclists' arms). I take this to mean the app judges I'm about to lose detail in the red colour channel.

Now I open Lightroom on my laptop. Same picture, same settings - the photo is synched, so it's exactly the same file. Only now there are no red clipping warnings. First I push up Whites, hold down ALT, and can go up to +40 or so before red clipping warnings begin to appear (again on the arms). Then I reset whites and do the same with highlights: this time I can go +85 before any clipping warnings appear. Finally, I reset highlights and push up exposure. No clipping warnings until I've gone up more than two full stops.

As someone who is basically bad at deciding brightness/exposure in my final images, I find this incredibly frustrating.

I'm not asking Lightroom to do the job of deciding what looks good, but I am expecting it to tell me the point at which I'm losing some colour detail consistently across devices. That isn't too much to expect, is it?

Can anyone explain what is going on here?

I'm not sure what you are complaining about.

If LR shows clipped areas when the sliders are all in their zero positions, that indicates that your shot was either overexposed or very close to being so in the areas of clipping.

If you process the image by moving the sliders around, then LR shows the clipped areas in the processed image. By moving the sliders up, you have probably increased the area of the image that is subject to clipping.  Surely that is exactly what is to be expected.

Of course, the sliders work in different ways, so the clipped areas are not going to be exactly the same as you move the different sliders.

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