Is the Oly 12-45 the smallest and lightest sealed lens in MFT?

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Re: Is the Oly 12-45 the smallest and lightest sealed lens in MFT?

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Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 II both lighter and smaller.

Ah yes, I tend to forget that one. Version I (non-sealed) was very popular if I remember correctly.

I wish there was something realy small like the 20mm or the 12-32...

People - at least on this forum - have been asking for small weather sealed primes for years now. So far no luck.

Would be nice but I don't think they would be willing to pay extra for that weather sealing. Many - at least on this forum and others - think that pretty much everything is already too expensive...

I do not think so, in fact I see some incredible deals right now especially for FF. Canon RP body for 800 US$ equivalent. Nikon Z5 kit for 1'200, Pana S5 Kit for 1'500. That is the same territory as E-M5 III with 12-40 and much cheaper than E-M1 III.

Yes this matters ONLY for those who think they might be better off with 35mm sensor. Me I am lucky that I could not use 35mm for my work so I would buy m4/3 even IF this was more expensive than 35mm system

In my book size, weight and tele-reach are the only points in favour of MFT

As you said each has his own. For me the main reason to choose m4/3 is not even part of your three reasons . so there are not three reasons in favour of met , just three that matters to YOU


Well maybe a fourth for me would be that I like the aspect ratio. But now I am curious: could you please give your reasons?

Your opening thread is beginning to seem like a shoo-in for format tit for tat?

No, I have several cameras in different systems, from 1/2.3 to APS-C.

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