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gardenersassistant wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

Here's a comparison of the popular Olympus 12-100mm f/4 PRO to the Nikon 24-100mmf/4-6.3.


Indeed. I am very good at making typos.

Nikon 24-200. "Nikon 24-100" raised an eyebrow until I checked on the image.

The Nikon covers the same diagonal angles of view and all the same DOFs as the Olympus lens. It also covers some shallower DOFs that the Olympus cannot get. Despite the Nikkor covering a larger range of DOFs .....

All the same DOFs? Or a different range of DOFs? The minimum aperture of the Olympus is f/22. The Nikon is f/22 to f/36 so it won't give as much DOF as the Olympus since, on full frame, it would need to be f/45 to do that.

Well the thing is, at those f-number there is little actual gain in DOF from stopping down. most of the decreased blur due to stopping down is counteracted by increased blur from diffraction. Maximum DOF is thus effectively diffraction-limited. Most DOF calculators fail to take diffraction blur into account. FF lens makers could provide a larger f-number, but they don't because there is insufficient  gain from doing so. Much more sharpness is lost to diffraction inside the field of acceptable sharpness than is gained at the edges of the field.

What does it gain you to have a theoretically deeper DOF if the image is rendered unusable by too much diffraction blur?

The MFT lenses may gain from the larger equivalent f-number at close distances if they have a shorter MFD. That's one aspect of shooting envelope where MFT lenses sometimes have an advantage over FF equivalents.

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