Meike 11+18mm or Viltrox 12+24mm macro extension tubes to choose

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Re: Meike 11+18mm or Viltrox 12+24mm macro extension tubes to choose

Imprimis wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

avatar77 wrote:

Why does it matter what side of the FTZ adapter the tube is on?

The tube needs to be connected directly to the lens for proper spacing.

Hello Ernie, I'm not sure that I follow.

I picked up a set of Meike Z tubes yesterday and have just successfully tested the following configuration:

Z6 <--> MK-Z-AF1 <--> FTZ <--> 50mm G

Wouldn't this be functionally the same as...

Z6 <--> FTZ <--> F auto extension Tube <--> 50mm G

By golly if it is working for you that is great and I have learned something!   Sorry, it just seemed illogical at first to use the Z tube with an F mount lens.

...given that the lens to sensor distance would be the same in both setups. ie the result is the same regardless of which side of the FTZ the (appropriate mount, same length) tube is mounted on. Any given F mount lens should perform equally well/badly irrespective of the configuration.

I do not have a set of auto F mount tubes, I figure I don't need them given that a set of Z mount ones plus the FTZ would allow me to cover both F and Z mount lens scenarios anyway.

My only slight doubt would be regarding baffles (if any) in the F tubes, I'll dig out some old manual F tubes and check.

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