Canon RP?

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Re: Canon RP?

zman2596 wrote:

My first venture into canon mirrorless was swapping my 6D for an RP. I was quite happy with the RP and still use it instead of my R6 for casual shooting. The trip is nice to have when you need a bigger trip with larger lenses. Otherwise no don’t use it to keep smaller size. The RF 50mm 1.8 pairs excellent with the RP. The battery life isn’t all that great. The autofocus is great, not on same level as R6. I still think it’s a great trade from a 6D though.

I agree with everything that you have said. I upgraded from a 6D to the RP and thought it was a game changer as far as the focusing system goes in comparison to the 6D. It's incredibly light and compact when paired with my RF35mm 1.8

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