Am I the only one stuggling to get Fuji colours I like?

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Re: Am I the only one stuggling to get Fuji colours I like?

HaroldC3 wrote:

jh3rd wrote:

Just bought a X-E4 and I love the camera!

I also bought Capture one to process the new files and really hating the colours (I have profiled the monitor). I come from a leica M9 (cooler colours, with slight purple hint) and Sigma Fp (slightly warmer yellower colour) both of which I loved the basic raw colours. The fuji, they are just flipping awful. (not talking about the inbuild simulations, just a basic representation of the colours I've seen)

I'm shooting raw and trying to get a neutral base to go from. The best I've gotten setting wise is to set it to a ICC profile of 'Camera RGB profile' and then curve 'Linear responce'. I then set the White balance to 'Daylight' & I brighten them up a little an add quite a bit of satuation.

This is by far (to my eyes) a much more neutral & natural colour rendering with skins less 'pink' and greens less bright yellow green. I think I can cope with this profile as I build onto my edits, but flip I really thought I'd like the fuji colour more.

Anyone had a similar journey (trying not to have to use a colour passport) Cheers (this is just my opinion of the colour, so please don't get upset!) any tips?

Yes, from a landscape point of view, I have always struggled with WB after moving to Fuji. I'll even set my color temp and tint manually and it still doesn't look right to me. I'm almost at the point of taking a gray card with me. I just shot this image yesterday morning and I'm still not happy with the colors.

I would try to play with C1 levels for this kind of image.
read part 1/2/3/

I would also try R,G,B iso RGB. In the Preferences, Exposure tab you can find three settings that relate to how the Levels tool work. Channel Mode. First you have the Channel Mode where you can choose between:
RGB Channel
Red, Green, and Blue channels

Nice image.

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