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Re: There is So Much Trouble in the World

Traveller wrote:

..people are flawed and wonderful and confusing and confused.

It is striking to me how little people listen to me or even hear what I say, repeatedly. Life has been difficult for me lately ( I have a matter with a little baby...and the child may be the only person that actually listens to me...he doesn't understand, just coos and drools and smiles these huge smiles....but nobody else is listening).

So I wake up in a startled state last night at 3am, realizing I hadn't voted and in the dark and while in bed opened my Chromebook to vote....not very well, I apologize.

I am off to fix it, whatever my error was....I am old and frail and not very smart...I beg your kind indulgences.



You have talked about difficulties - but never a baby - certainly not with us.  Perhaps on one of your other chat forums.

Anyway, you fixed the problem.

Old - like me

Frail - maybe only in your head. You are not 30 anymore, but I don't think any of us are. You scuba dive in cold water - impressive to me. Perhaps the better description is not as strong as I was once was. I know that I am not. I keep losing yardage on my golf shots.

Not very smart - you undersell yourself. Your clients probably don't think that.

All is forgiven, and so we move on, and the world keeps spinning.

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