Becoming harder to find.

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Re: Becoming harder to find.

Miss tilly wrote:

Some time ago I posted about the demise of my beloved X10. After considerable thought I decided to try to find another one. It has taken a long time to find one in the condition I want, fingers crossed this one will be as advertised. They are definitely becoming harder to find, or the demand for them has increased. Anyway, I think my other cameras will see little or no use soon.

I was in your position a couple of years ago, and found a used X10 sold through a Japanese seller on eBay; it has worked out well for me. As I have close ties to Japan, perhaps I am both more trusting and more discerning as to the Japanese merchants with whom I will, or will not, deal. But, from whomever you buy, do not lose sight of the so-called Orbs Problem on early production X10 cameras. If the initial listing does not contain a serial number, ask the seller for a photo of the bottom of the camera where the serial number appears.

The minimum value of the serial number should be that the first two digits are 22; the "fix" did not observe the December 31/January 1 boundary exactly, so a serial number starting 22* is iffy, and you need a 23* serial number to be completely safe; but a high 22* serial number is relatively safe.

Good luck.

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