monitor instead of a framed picture ?

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Re: monitor instead of a framed picture ?

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In my parent's day they would hang either framed art or photos on walls in their home. Given the trends and costs in monitors today is anyone hanging (in say a living room or great room or den) a large Hi Def monitor and displaying art on it? Is this a trend or does this not even exist yet? If anyone here is doing this actively I would be curious about whether you specifically shoot for this particular niche and if so what you might be doing different.


Digital picture frames were developed largely to display picture documents. Improvements to modern technology enable many digital picture frames to utilize a straight outer connection to carry out as a color display monitor for your computer. These photo structures can be made use of without the requirement for a dedicated video-card connection and often without the requirement to download and set up additional device motorists. Many digital frames already have the necessary software for additional display functions, providing it plug-and-play operability.

They make very tiny computers now, as little or smaller than an AppleTV box. Obtain among those, and set up IrfanView. It's cost-free. After that, plugin your memory stick packed with images, and also, you are great to go. You can velcro the computer system to the back of the monitor.

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