Why does Greentoe allow retailers to sell backordered items without telling you?

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Re: Why does Greentoe allow retailers to sell backordered items without telling you?

azhenley wrote:

greentoechris wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to take a moment to clear the air here. We explained this to AZHenley via email. But, since others have some concerns, I thought it may be a good time to provide some color to the concerned Greentoe customers and prospective customers about what happened here and our policy.

The retailer that accepted the offer is very religious. They accepted the offer and then closed later that same day for the Jewish Holidays. It was an anomaly that created this inconvenience for AZHenley. We apologized to him and offered to honor the price on the product despite the fact that the price is now higher for the same product. We were not aware of the product being out of stock because the retailer was off for the Jewish Holiday and they were not communicating with us since they were not working and observing their faith.

We do not allow retailers to accept offers if they do not have inventory in hand. However, there are some rare occasions when the retailer sells out of a product immediately after accepting an offer. The reason being that retailers sell through many channels, stores, marketplaces, and more. Therefore, it is impossible for this to be perfect. In this rare occurrence, we email the customer instantly. However, we were not aware of the issue due to the retailer being closed.

We want to make sure our awesome customers here understand what happened and how our retailer policy works.



I'll copy and paste my response to Chris from the Fred Miranda forums:

I was never informed, by either Greentoe or the retailer, that the product was backordered, even after they re-opened from the holiday, processed the order, and sent me an invoice.

I understand that keeping track of the stock is a difficult problem and this can happen, but COMMUNICATE. I was never informed. That is the failing.

Having used greentoe about 5 times successfully, a couple of things to note:

1. Their customer service is quick to respond.  If your order took long did you try to contact them?  I am sure they would allow you to cancel if this took too long.

2. You are not doing an automatic transaction where you click a button, and out comes the store inventory system and mails you the product.   Someone makes  a decision to sell you something below market price, packs it, prints an individual receipt (for your warranty) and ships it.

If you are in a rush and want that perfect automated system then head to B&H site.  Individual bidding like greentoe or ebay involves people who can make mistakes.  Its how those mistakes are handled that make there sites trustworthy (or not).

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