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Re: Need SD card advice for video

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

I want to get a 128gb SD card for filming (HD and 4K) video on my A7Riv and I’m wondering whether there’s a justification for spending $180 for the Sony Tough G (300mb/s) card over $60 Sony Tough M (277mb/s) card? I’d sure rather save the money but I’m willing to spend the extra if it’s actually worth it?

FWIW- I plan on getting an Atamos Ninja V before too long so that I can record in ProRes but I can’t afford it yet. Besides, I need more storage for internal recording when I won’t be running the Ninja. So, I do need to get some good memory. But again… I’d sure prefer to save all that $$ if I can!

Well, video does not need the extra speed - I am fairly sure that the M series cards are rated V90 (you might want to check that). I have only G series cards, but I shoot uncompressed RAW stills on the A7RIV, and that can make a difference (even more on the insane A1).

If you decide to go for the M, though, you have the option of getting a larger card - the M cards come in 256 or even 512, I think (G tops out at 128).

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