Tamron 18-400mm at the Zoo!

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Re: Tamron 18-400mm at the Zoo!

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

PhotosByHall wrote:

This was an example of f6.3 through glass, not sure if the glass softened it off more. I did also take this at f8.

EDIT : Whoops. I tell a lie, this was at f7.1

Interesting lens! Nice shots!

Pretty sure the lens is far better at f/8-11, but, as you point out, you need enough light as well then, not always available.

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah, they came out pretty well i think - not pro grade, but its not a pro lens.


I took about a thousand shots all in - it wasn't ideal conditions for the lens and its not the best in terms of quality, but I think it will be good enough for my casual wildlife shots \ travelling.


If I was to shoot wildlife more professionally I would invest in a bigma or a Canon 100-400. For printing small prints and travel shots I think this will be good enough. Just got to remember to stop down to f8 and f11 when it is possible.

Very obvious, even my big Sigma 150-600 S sometimes works better at F/8.0!

The two meerkat pictures show the difference between f11 and f6.3 - they've been edited in LR, but purposefully not sharpened. One other thing I forgot to mention was these were shot in JPEG (generally i shoot everything in RAW)

Very pedagogic!
How much did it cost?!

Well, it was more about comparing the difference. i know a lot of people wouldn't use a lens this soft - but it does depend what you are shooting and where, as well as how big you are printing \ displaying.

As for cost - about £300 2nd hand. I used to use a Nikon 1 with a 55-300mm on it , this basically gave a 150-810mm. Obviously, you massively lose IQ with a small sensor on it, but it made shooting certain things that wouldn't have been possible - possible.

Like i said, the 18-400mm ain't ideal, but I think it will do me as a travel lens.

We will see. More tests to come....

I've found the Sigma 100-400 C and the AF-P 18-55 VR superb for much of my Nikon 1 photography, with 6.7-13 being a complement, as is the AF-P 70-300 VR DX, up to around 200mm, after which the Sigma is far better if slower-focusing.

Oh nice. I loved the Nikon 1 system. Wish Nikon had carried on with it.

I had a v2 and still have a J5 with a 30-110mm lens. I use this at gigs where I don't have permission to shoot

Nothing to touch that range at that size. Shame that IQ takes such a serious hit.

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