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Re: Voting is effectively over ...

sparkey2 wrote:

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

sparkey2 wrote:


Now then on the other hand maybe you should visit Travellers voting row and make a change for him since he has a counting issue and his vote total isn’t right. When MSP Jim see it he’s gonna get irate and have to double his blood pressure meds for the day just to calm him down and we don’t want that, we love Jim! Paul

Just saw this.

Hmmm. Off goes a note.

Though it won't really effect the final vote.

I'm not sure we can count on Mick voting this time.

Dave - better get ready.

except for Mr T, who needs to correct his vote to 5 points.

Mick has informed me that he will not be voting.

If I have to, I'll readjust all T's votes down 0.05 points so the sum is then 5.

Dave - get yourself mentally prepared.

I tried to gently warn him that the wrath of Jim is coming! And he even got a 1/2 inch of rain in the desert today which should have put him in a great mood.

Hey - in the few days, we have gotten more rain than we got in all of the last year's monsoons.  Yes - I am in a good mood. I was up in Madera Canyon a day or so ago - and the large oak trees that appeared to be dead just a week ago are now sprouting some new buds. Yea !

Does all this help Mr T ? perhaps. I have put away the bull whip.

But I will still readjust votes if he is asleep or ignoring me.

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