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Greetings Again

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Greetings Sigma Group

So what is your favorite camera and why. What's the one camera you wished you'd kept or still have? Any brand any medium, and why? Why do you still have it or why did you sell it? Would you buy it back or just move on??

I you didn't shoot Sigma what would you use?? What camera do you leave home with??

Be safe but have fun

Roger J.

Favourite: Leica M Monochrom (original), or S2, or fp L.

Wish I’d kept: Monochrom as above, sold to buy an M10 - huge mistake. Buy it again? Given the chance, probably. Bought a Typ 246 which I never liked as much.

Interesting. I've been tempted by the Leica Monochroms - or a MaxMax monochrome converted camera (probably an X-Pro1 which is one of my favorite cameras for color....

Why didn't you like the 246? If I was going to buy a Leica it would be a 246 or M10 Monochrom... Because I need live view. The M9 based Monochrome being purely mechanical/optical - I don't enjoy rangefinder focusing enough with my poor eyesight to appreciate that.

So my question is - why the original Monochrom and not the later ones?

I do very much enjoy a rangefinder. The 18MP CCD just was ‘nicer’ than the 246, plus it’s lighter. The live view on the 246 is barely usable and would not in any way buy one for the live view: You’d almost certainly be better off with an FP L.

I don’t just shoot Sigma. I currently also have M lenses (though no dedicated M body any more), Sony, Canon EF-M / EF, Nikon F and Fuji.

If I’m leaving the house it really depends where I’m going. Usually it’s my X-Pro2 and just 35/1.4 or fp L. A7C or M6 II if I just want to get the shot, without too much hassle.

A Sigma Foveon that can mount M Lenses is - IMO - the dream.

Yes, it would be a dream.  At this point in time it's still in the dream stage.

I was so excited for the Quattro sd until I found out the mount was an SLR mount and the flange focal distance wasn't good for mounting vintage lenses...

I can do without the flange. That one part of the camera I do not like

If Sigma released a full frame Foveon in M Mount or L mount - I'd be first in line to buy it.

As would I. Or even a 1.3 crop

Same. I would really appreciate it if they made one in the same form factor as the FP / L.

Me to. We can hope

Ok, cross your fingers and click your heels 3 times and chant, Full Frame Foveon, Full Frame Foveon, Full Frame Foveon....................

Have fun but be Safe

Roger J.

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