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I found the page of the related microcomputers that are part of truepic

olympus truepic started with panasonic mn103 and this has evolved to series S olympus made lenses snd diagnostic systems not microcomputers nor microcontrollers. Not sure why people would be surprised

other brands use renesas and other obscure manufacturers I do not remember

Up to TP VI or VIII (I think) Oly used MN103 processors.

It looks like Panasonic stopped improving the MN103 line at the Cortex A7 (that’s the highest performance core they list), which can’t support the number of cores + coprocessors that TPVIII and IX use: that requires an A9 or better. They might be using the same chip as the VENUS Engine, but they could just as easily have spec’d something from NXP or another supplier of ARM solutions. They are legion.

I keep hoping that they’ll add a NNP of some flavor that could improve the subject recognition, as well as allow it in cameras other than the 1X. Maybe next version.

Those are for general distribution it doesn’t mean that they have others that are used by themselves and others that are not on the list

But at the end you need processing power for your computations and if your code is suboptimal you need more of it

the G9/GH5s are 2018 cameras and subject recognition works perhaps not at very high frame rate but it does. The EM1MKIII released in 2020 only has face recognition Is it a hardware or software limitation? They keep saying it was hardware so they either have very old stuff or don’t know how to use it

Well, it’s cherry-picking season and for some reason you missed out on that big lovely cherry known as the E-M1X. Seems your subject recognition wasn’t up to the task of catching it.

it has two processors to recognise 3 shapes.

Beware of red herrings. Your repeated use of them just reveals your lack of valid arguments.

What we are discussing is whether Olympus can do subject recognition and I proved your claim in that area wrong. Specifying exactly what they do and how they do it is irrelevant in that regard. But your specification is wrong too. As a matter of fact, the E-M1X uses one of its two processors to recognize four shapes.

Indicating is a poor man car with a custom exhaust

in essence a whole bunch of dated crap

Beware of judgmental language. Your repeated use of it just demonstrates your lack of valid arguments.

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